UPDATE! TTC after miscarriage


So, on 8-18 I had a terrible miscarriage, like so bad I was in the hospital for a night. After recovering from that in Sept I had sex the week before my period and the week after. I had instructions to not do so for a while but

anywho, I ALWAYS get period symptoms. My bestfriend and I get the worst period boobs and butts, my face breaks out like crazy and the cramps suck ass. but now I’m 2days late and I feel nothing besides hunger 24/7(which is how i was when i was pregnant for the short amount of time) BUT I HAVE YET TO GET A POSITIVE!!!!

UPDATE: so i took this tonight, im technically 4 days late now.

it has some color and then i saturated it so u can see the color on camera

still hoping AF doesnt show