Should I Try To Have a Baby??

Hey ladies,

So my boyfriends best friend is about to have a baby. And it has given us hella baby fever, because we are their roommates. I've always wanted a family of my own and to start in my twenties but that's the thing, I'm only 20, and still in school. My parents stress me nearly every day to not get pregnant yet and to graduate but my cousins, friends and even my siblings keep letting me know how excited they'd be if I had a baby now and that I should try or that they think it'll happen for me soon... ultimately, I would love to have a baby. And my boyfriend would too... but I can't help but think that it's a little too soon... plus we've only been together 5 months. Even though he is the only one Ive ever had this strong of a connection with and love for.. could it be too soon to think about starting a family??