Boyfriend makes me feel guilt???

Okay, so I'm just gonna get right into it.

My boyfriend and I have been together 7 years with a daughter. Our relationship has been bumpy since day 1. We've. We. Through some very nasty times and we got through it with time and lots of maturing but I don't know if that's had a bad effect on me. Basically I'll be hanging around and I'll send him a text just to let home know random things, he usually replies immediately or doesn't but that's not an issue at all, the issue is he starts questioning things that don't relate to what I said.

An example today:

Me: "Omg baby I closed the door on (my cat) and she's crying like the cat boy from the grudge😭"

Him: let her out then before she scares you baby😂

Me: I'm in the room she has the whole house to herself lol cry baby ass cat 😂

Him: ur mean, wow why be in the room alone if you didn't like that back then, you got the whole house too

Me: I'm not mean

(I was tired and wanted to sleep after restless night)

Anyways his last text through me off like whoa. I started feeling like I did something wrong or like if it's a problem with me being alone in the room. The point is I felt guilty!!! Of what? Idk I haven't done anything, in the morning when he left we were cracking jokes until he clocked in. And when he came home from work he gave me this look that made me feel like he's angry. He didn't talk to me until I asked him a question.

Now he's the shower listening to music he listens to when we fight. 🙄

Can someone help me identify that feeling of guilt even though I know I did nothing wrong?