joint custody wtf just happened!!??


so last Friday I went to the hospital for pain and left my boyfriend at my moms watching our so. and while I was at the hospital he decided to take my 1 month old son to his mothers house where I said i didn't want him because of his mom always being drunk and his brothers both being on dope on acting crazy... he didn't listen and still did it then we got into a huge argument and he almost didn't give me my son back then Monday morning my mom went while I was at work and went to the courthouse and filed a custody order in which she and I have joint custody and his rights to see our son are suspended I was furious to find this out she even went as far as saying that im more concerned about my bf then my son which is false. now because of this order child services has a investigation for 2 month I have to summit to drug test even tho im not on any drugs and she treated ne that if I continue to stay with my sons father shell take full custody from me idk what to even feel or think at this point I understand he was wrong for disrespecting my wishes but this is going to far and my son doesn't derseve this im so heartbroken and hurt idk what to do im terrified cause if the court went as far to give her temp joint custody off just a statement what else could happen anyone been thru something like this i need help advice or Ima lose it