What would you do?


Probably a silly question but I need advice!!! So I am 34+3 right now. Just had a baby shower and did the majority of my shopping for baby. I am all ready for his arrival and there is a strong possibility that I will be induced at 37w due to pregnancy induced hypertension. That’s in about 2-3 Weeks. I am sharing a room with baby and space is a bit tight. Would you start opening and putting things together? I got him a halo bassinet, diaper genie, mamaroo, and other small miscellaneous things that need to be put away. Everything is currently piled up in a corner.. Should I get started? I’m surprised that I even have to ask this question but I guess my energy is just a bit low plus I don’t really want to be crammed in my bedroom unnecessarily for the next 3 possibility 6 weeks.. but if not now when should I start?

I guess if I get started now I will be more comfortable than I am looking at this huge pile of things. I am just literally exhausted all of a sudden. Couldn’t even get out of bed today. 😩😔