Appreciation post (long)

Kysle • 22, engaged to that lovely lady, 4 kids between us, trying for number 5, soccer, cage fighting, and loving life

I just have to give this amazing woman some appreciation. She walked into my life when I was at a low point. She helped turn me around. When my exwife and I were separating she stood there and watched and from a distance made sure I didn't fall. And when it was over she was still standing there waiting to fix the broken pieces. It took some time but she finally meet my 2 kids from my marriage. And I meet her 2 kids. We clicked instantly and it seemed like the kids clicked even faster. We may not see them as much as I want but I just have to say that what time she does spend with them she just causes me to fall in love over and over again. And I'm so happy to be on this new journey with her. She pushed me to go back to the gym. I pushed her to go back to school. We push each other to constantly reach for new goals. But every time I watch her or look at pictures of the times we have she causes me to melt. And hopefully in the near future we will have our own between us.

With the youngest of the 4 kids. This little one is 1 1/2 years old and has grown into her personality. But the look on my girls face just caused me to snap the picture.

Then there's her 2 and my second one. Mine is the blonde looking like a deprived child tasting Cinnabon for the first time.

Idk what she's doing. She told me "dancing" but she looks like a Charlie Brown character.

She wants to be like me

And the amazing woman who keeps me pieced together.

Thank you Angel Eyes

I love you and you'll hate me when you see this 😍😘