Bipolar, anyone else??


Okay so I’ve been with my husband since 2009. We married in 2012 and soon after I was officially diagnosed with Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, and Bulimia. Now he’s been with me for a long time and knew of my episodes and finally after getting diagnosed I started to get some

Help and went on medication. Fast forward to now. Okay so I’ve had things happen off and on since then but now things are great! I am officially off all of my medication in order to start a family. My mood has been great and I’m like so happy. But my husband mistakes my upbeat and happy mood for a state of mania (bipolar feature where you are super up and kinda in a high fly feeling). So it’s like I feel like hard to just be happy without him thinking I need a medication to make me zombified. Anyone else out there have this problem? Or anything similar?