If you could only talk to your crush for 15 min once a week. What would you say?


I am in a music class once a week and I think I have a crush on a classmate!

The only problem is I only get a chance to talk to him for about 15 minutes before class starts each week. We sit in the lobby and then they call us in. I keep getting little bits of information from him each time. But each time we “chat” he ends up sitting next to me (😍) and I get all flustered! I am very shy and this is one of the first times I’ve felt like this. There is about a 4yr gap. Me being older but both in our 20s. Any advice is appreciated.

Update: I have been using our little chats to learn as much as I can in the short time. I love to make him laugh because my heart flutters! 🎼