Feeling not important to him


So my boyfriend has a son. He took time off to spend time with his son, which is great. My boyfriend told me that him and I are going to be spending the weekend together as a couple. And I got so excited. Come to find out his son is coming over and so that cancels our plans. I love when his son comes over and I make sure to give them time alone together. His son and I get along great. But this isn’t the first time it’s happened. He tells me I am important to him but it doesn’t seem like I am. I know time with his son is important but time with just us is important to. I am scared to talk to him about because he will over react and tell me to just leave then. I understand his son comes first, and he tells me that ALL THE TIME. But don’t we need time together? We both work full time so that’s hard to juggle. Am I over reacting? Or maybe he’s not ready for a relationship? I just don’t feel important anymore.