Subchronic Hemorrhage


So yesterday I noticed I didn't have as much morning nausea... I went about my day cleaning the house prepping for the in-laws arrival. Around lunch time I felt a weird pressure sensation and went to the bathroom to pee. I felt this weird sensation more when I peed. I never felt anything like it. I wipped and checked my blood. A minute later I was back in my bedroom when I felt a warm gush. A feeling of devastation overtook my body. Sure enough it was bright red flowing blood. I panicked and rushed to the ER. I was 5 weeks 3 days yesterday. My blood was drawn on Thursday by my ob. He said the levels were great; progesterone at 21.1 and hcg at 5,124. So I told the ER doc and right away they did bloodwork and an ultrasound. They found I had a sac and yolk but told me i had a significant bleed behind my uterus and the placenta was detaching. They said my hcg was at 7,000. It had been 48 hrs and it barley doubled. He gave me an 80% chance of miscarriage and sent me on my way. Now I just have dark brown oldish looking spotting coming out but the dark red has stopped. Anyone else with a subchronic hemmorage behind the placenta at this stage? I'm pretty much coming to terms that I will lose the baby. As devastating as it is. This will be my 2nd loss after one healthy boy who is almost 6. We so desperately want to give him a sibbling. I just don't get why this keeps happening. I was cleaning my house actively but I'm normally an active person. Help...please share your stories.