Expert moms! I am in need of your wisdom!


So. My LO is 11 weeks old and will only nap in my arms. When it is time for bed he will lay right down no fuss. What I am currently doing for naps is: Diaper change, Swaddle, white noise, nurse, bounce, hold him for three hours lol. When I go to lay him down drousey-He fusses until I pick him up. If I put him down totally asleep he wakes up in 10 minutes screaming because he is not in my arms. Then it is a total pain to get him back to sleep. So, am I doing something wrong will this change in time and he is just to little right now? Or am I going to end up having to do this till he is one if I don't fix it now lol. Oh, side note. (I am not going to let him cry it out no matter what. I rather hold him) Soo any tips?