5 mature follicles from clomid this month

I was suppose to have <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">iui</a> yesterday and this morning but he legally couldn’t do it because I have so many follicles. Also suggested that we should hold off this month. SERIOUSLY! You’re basically telling me I have the best chance this month but to not BD. I get the consequences.

My husband and I had a very long, tearful talk because he was also very upset and feels like another month month that we are not pregnant. Took the trigger on Thursday night...Then he said, well let’s just see what the universe brings, hop on top! We won’t did it that one time, that’s the bravest we could get. Haha but I am happy with that decision.

I pray this month works! Would love one healthy baby or even healthy twins!!!