Why Don’t People Like Me?

I genuinely want to know if people can tell if your insecure. I want to make friends SO badly but I’m too insecure too. I just joined an all women’s gym and have yet to make any friends there. I work serving the public and it seems like people can spot my low self-esteem and enjoying bringing me down. One guy told me he’d never let his sister out of the house with “ugly” eyebrows like mine, another guy said I should start wearing lipstick to cover up my scar (it’s VERY small) on my lips. My co-worker even bosses me around to the point where it seems like bullying.

I’m so sick of feeling like no one likes me. I want to cry so bad. I don’t feel like I’m ugly (I’m definitely no super model) but I must be otherwise why don’t people want to befriend me or why aren’t people nice to me?