aniexty and feeling vulnerable

sonja • Miss Skarra💝 proud mommy to a super active toddler. currently seperating from an abusive relationship

sooo i have had aniexty and depression since high school.. my hubby is well aware. the last year has been pretty rocky relationship wise so we started counselling as a last ditch effort sort of thing. last week in couple counselling i pretty much had a complete break down... long and short of it my therapist feels couple counselling is at a good point and we should take a break and i should step up my single counselling so we can focus more on my aniexty. im having mixed emotions..part of me feels super vulnerable and defeated. i fear this being used against me and thrown back in my face by my husband hes pretty insensitive at the best of the time im scared how it will be now. the other part feels a bit free like i dont have to try so hard to make myself appear fine and strong when im crumbling. ive never been just so raw and open in his presence about how much i struggle daily.. can anyone relate? am i inside my head again?