Does it sound like I will get fired?


I am not the hardest worker nor am I the least hard working. I work at a crisis line and will take a huge number of calls compared to some of my coworkers, but I don’t always work the hardest. Lately things have been really dramatic and screwed up at work. My coworker and I have been kinda negative and will complain. we aren’t the only ones, there is a lot of complaining going around in general but we can be bad and loud about it. It was brought up at the recent staff meeting how no one should be negative and gossipy. After this, I have stopped. Most of my coworkers like me, and I haven’t had problems with anyone. I am pregnant and coming up on maternity leave. I work a part time position and the other day I saw a job posting for my PRN position. We have hired a lot of new people lately, so I wouldn’t assume anything off but this is specifically for PRN and to my knowledge they usually don’t hire that position directly. We have hired new people because we need more people, but because of people getting fired. Since my due date is nearing, are they preparing to fire me without any disciplinary action?

Side note: can I be fired in the state of Texas due to maternity leave or maternity related reasons? I read some where it’s illegal, but I am not full time so is it still?

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