Friend problems


Okay so me and my friend I’ll call her Leah (not her actual name) have been close for a very long time. We are basically best friends. So a while ago I had a boyfriend (let’s call him Kyle) and I broke up with him, whilst I was in a relationship with Kyle I would’ve facetimed him in school as we were in different schools and Leah would always point out how he’s good looking and I’d just be like uhh thanks. When I broke up with Kyle, she said “I kind of want to get with him but you’ll be mad at me about it”. I got angry, but I just laughed at it and tried to ignore it. Now I’m currently in another relationship and ill call this boyfriend Jake and once again shes always pointing out how he looks and is always asking about him. I’m being paranoid but it’s really annoying me. Jesus, I don’t even know what to do.

Also in the past, she also sent one of her friends boyfriends nudes.