For those struggling to get pregnant

Melanie • plant-based and pregnant 💙

Last evening my husband and I were at a Halloween party with some friends. Out of our group, we’ve been together the longest, are the YOUNGEST (26 and 29) and are basically the most “settled”. I don’t think any of that matters to the story but felt like it needed to be added for some reason.

Our friends are great but not always understanding that we want to have a child. They think, like, “why on earth would I want to give my time to something else?!”

Then, we have friends that are a couple... they were at the party last night too. The girl is 33 and the guy is 31. She wants a baby SO BAD. A friend of hers that I was having s good conversation with asked us when we think we’ll have kids. So, I told her “probably next year. That’s the plan...but we all know how plans work.” And my friend, We’ll call her Maria, said...”well it’s up to him! Everyone else is getting married and having kids and it’s super depressing.”

Then, I have two other friends that DH and I are very close with. We spend at least one evening a week together out at dinner...and they live 35 minutes away. They’ve both been struggling to get pregnant for 2 years. She has PCOS and has had two miscarriages this year—one with twins. My heart hurts for her.

My question is for those struggling to get pregnant as well as for those who may already be pregnant.

How would you prefer to be told that someone close to you is pregnant? Keeping consideration and sensitivity close to the heart...what would be the best way for someone to tell you that they’re expecting so as to not make you feel as if they’re being insensitive?

For those that may already be pregnant:

Is this something that you’ve considered? How did you “break the news”?

Sorry for the long post—this is just something that I think a lot about. I care a lot about my friends and would hate for them to think I was being insensitive to their struggles.

Happy commenting! 🎉