Clomid/Fertility Drug Questions


Hello all,

I am 27 going on month 16 (assuming since I started spotting this morning 🙄) TTC #1. I was diagnosed with endometriosis a few years ago when I was getting a laparoscopic procedure to remove a fibroid tumor from my uterus. We tried up to a year naturally and then 4 months ago I began getting Acupuncture.

The acupuncture has been a MIRACLE for my endo. My periods have been lighter and shorter and I have almost no pain before during and after my period. This is a dream considering I’ve spent a lifetime of periods with my had in the toilet throwing up, curled up in a ball, screaming bloody murder, etc from pain. I am SO thankful that it seems to be helping my endo but a little disappointed it hasn’t helped me conceive. It’s only been 4 months but as most of you know 4 months feels like an eternity when you’ve been trying a while. She has started me on some herbs (cinnamon and piora) in hopes of further aiding me in conceiving naturally.

our insurance, like most, will not cover <a href="">fertility treatment</a>. They will cover testingbut not treatments. My last surgery was covered because at that point it was done for pain not to help us conceive. My Gyno will not really tell me much at this point. Every question I ask he answers with “you need to see a fertility specialist”. I am thinking of just going and talking to one to see what my options are. My husband has the mindset that 16 months isn’t THAT long and if we hit two years THEN we should go see someone. He says there are a lot of people who take a while to get pregnant. Even healthy couples. 🙄 but I’m miserable and so sad all the time over it.

Onto the questions: For those of you who’ve been in similar positions what was typically the first step the fertility doc suggested? If it was clomid or some sort of drug how much (if you do not mind me asking) was the ballpark cost? Did t work? Were the side effects worth it?

Thank you so much for any advice/input. 💙