Caught my bf cheating

I would start saying that we met when we where teenagers, we lost contact for so many years, one day he found me on fb and we started talking again at that time we both were divorced so we became very close friends, we used to talk about our previous relationships a lot with so many details probably, at that time he told me he was going out with this married girl just for sex since she was unhappy and at least he could give her a little of “happiness”. After probably a year we started to i guess fall in love, so we decided to start dating and of course made some decisions to leave the life that we were living with others.

He has a 8 year old boy who lives with him, and I was fine with it, by may or June of this year we found out we are expecting, I decided not to live with him yet until we are financially stable (he is very careless about that factor, i’m not at all) He still going out with friends out sometimes he asked me to go but the last time i couldn’t because i wasn’t feeling fine, he was texting me until 4 am telling me how much he loves me and more, next day I texted him around 1 pm until 4 pm no answer, i figured he was very drunk so i took some food and drove to his apartment, once i got there I opened the door and he was doing it with someone in the couch, i should close the door and leave but i couldn’t i went to see who was it and it was the same married girl that he was dating before, they were wasted, i punched them in their faces he stopped me and she wanted to hit me, i started crying and him why he was doing that to me, he was lost, the girl was just screaming that i don’t know how to take care of my men because he never left her and he didn’t say a word, i asked him if could talk in the room, and the only thing that he said was : “there is nothing else that we can, things already happened and i’m sure you’ll never forgive me this”, i picked my stuff and left.

It’s being 2 weeks now he tried to talk to me last Friday i couldn’t do it I’m still soooooo hurt, 2 days ago ago i had my 28 weeks dr’s app and he showed up but i just ignored him, i wish i could give him a hug and a big kiss but everytime that i think about him i have that picture in my head and i feel so disgusted. I’m just trying to get over it but i guess my hormones are not helping.