cheating, HELP!



I feel stupid coming here for advice but I don’t have anywhere else to turn to and I don’t know what to do! I’ve been together with my husband for going on 6 years and we got eloped in January... Over the course of our relationship it always comes back down to him not being able to be faithful to me - also, this sounds wild but we’re only 20 and 21. He’s cheated on me physically once that I’m aware of but I really do think he’s a sex addict because we literally have sex almost every day and somehow he still makes time for this bullshit lol. Anyways so we met when I was 14 and he was 15 and I was the only person he’d ever been with. Well I started making excuses and would put it off as him only having been with me he was just young and dumb, well all these years later here he is: still young and dumb. Thanks to my husband I now have extremely severe trust issues lol and I know it’s stupid that I put up with this but I think I am ready to cut my strings with him. So our relationships been going to great lately which usually means something is up and sure enough he’s been on Craigslist looking at the personals - so that’s where I’m drawing the line, now here’s where it gets tough- what do I do?! We live together, share all of our finances & I am not financially stable enough to move out on my own.. in a sick way I’m almost kind of attracted to him being a careless douchebag but I know it’s time to go! I’m thinking of just not saying anything and just saving up and moving to Seattle with a friend for a while! There’s so much I’m not saying because I’m stressed and my mind is moving a mile a minute but WHAT WOULD/ HAVE YOU LADIES DO/DONE IN THIS SITUATION???