Testing tomorrow! Here are my DPO symptoms.

Red ā€¢ 26 | Married | Baby Girl šŸŽ€ 11/12/19

I always find posts like this helpful. I haven't tested yet. Plan on testing tomorrow morning! Here is what I've been experiencing the past 10 days. My AF is supposed to show up on 11/2. Hopefully she doesn't! Everyone is different, so post your DPO symptoms if you've been keeping track. Good luck to you all and baby dust!

1 DPO - Tired, vivid dreams

2 DPO - Hungry, tired, vivid dreams, cloudy urine, headache

3 DPO - Hungry, tired, vivid dreams of fish and swimming (which I've read could be a sign of conception), cloudy urine, headache, acne

4 DPO - Mild cramping all day, bloated, full feeling, lotiony CM

5 DPO - Lotiony/Creamy CM, cramping and bloating in the evening

6 DPO - Cramping, gassy, slight headache, heightened sense of smell, vivid dreams, tired

7 DPO - Mild cramping starting in the afternoon, pulling around belly button (a couple of sharp pulls), pain in lower back (only lasting a minute or so), tired, cravings, lotiony/creamy CM, a couple quick pains in breasts, vivid dreams, slight headache, thirsty, gassy, heightened sense of smell

8 DPO - Cramps and bloating, moody, Tender, hard nipples, boobs felt achy, tired

9 DPO - Sore, puffy nipples, swollen breasts, very irritable and moody, cramps, gas, very tired, AM nausea, some sharp pains in breasts, runny nose

10 DPO - Restless sleep, cramps throughout the night, tender breasts with shooting pains, some visible veins in breasts now, tired after just waking up, sore throat, vivid dream about a BFP, loose stool