Cheated on.

This is just to vent. My boyfriend has cheated on me a few times in the past, one of the times was a long term (3 months) of dating us both. He and I have been doing great. I finally gained trust for him again. I really felt that he changed. He was so compassionate and understanding to me, he did whatever it took to make me trust him.  This girl suddenly came back into the picture, reaching out to me and wanting to be MY best friend. I thought it was weird and I didn't feel comfortable with it. this was right around the same time he started getting sneaky with his phone and wouldn't let me see his messages. Well I live with him, and last night I left for ONE night to visit my family. He took a picture of the windows to show me that he cleaned them and wanted to surprise me...and I saw her in the reflection. He came up with every lie under the sun, saying that that girl was his make roommate, when he was clearly sitting next to this girl. He said there was no girl there, when I was staring right at it. My friend agreed when I showed her the pic. So now I have to go back and pack up all my stuff. The funny thing is, last Friday he lied and said he was at work and was really at the bar til 3 am. I was packing my stuff the next day and he started to cry and broke down and begged me not to leave. Ever since then he said that scared the crap out of him and he would never do anything to jeopardize our relationship   But the one night I'm gone he has her over. Knowing that I'm not comfortable with it and he promised me that he wouldn't speak to her anymore. He said he was in love with me and she doesn't matter. It was absolute tortture to see this girl in this picture knowing she's there with my boyfriend and I'm a few hours away. I couldn't even leave to go there. He won't admit that she was there he just keeps making up lies. I'm so heartbroken because I thought this time was different. I really hope I'm strong enought to pack everything and leave. We planned on getting married and having a family soon. It's just completely devastating and I feel like such a fool. Thank you to whoever read this.