Hi I miscarried about three weeks ago, my Dr told me since it was an early MC I was five weeks, No medications, No DnC , bled for a week a heavy to medium. My ob told me when I was ready we could try, and I am ready and boy have we been...everyday for the last two weeks .... yesterday I got an ovulation test it showed positive and then this morning I did it again still a positive ( I read that the first morning urine was the most accurate, that's why I did one again this morning) however later on when I went to the bathroom I was what I thought was the start of my period pinkish coloring when. I wiped , but when I went to the bathroom it was a light brown and now none, does this mean anything? I have never tried TTC before it just happened so I'm new to all of this stuff and the more I search the more confused I feel.