My man isn't fully hard


So I've been with my man for 3 years and he's perfect, never done anything wrong, he treats me better than I could ever imagine to be. Lately I've been feeling kind of depressed and idk if I'm over thinking it or most likely were just so comfortable in our relationship at this point but I can't help but feel like things aren't the same. I feel like he doesn't love me like he used to. He says everything is perfectly fine and he doesn't know why I keep saying that. I am very insecure and I know that. Lately I've had a lot of dreams about him leaving me or seeing him with other girls, he wouldn't cheat though in real life and I know that so like why am I dreaming my worst fear. I guess I'm just scared he's getting bored of me?

We also have a ton of sex normally like multiple times a day but this weekend I had to initiate it to happen at all and it was fast and I could tell he wasn't fully hard. When I addressed it he said it wasn't me it's just like that sometimes. Am i just over reacting and over thinking all of this or is this something that should concern me? Please help if you can relate at all.