Symptoms before BFP? Help ladies


6dpo - very painful cramps almost felt like a fist or ball was forming in my left ovary , then pain in pelvic and upper this mostly all on the left side - shooting pains in the upper parts of my breasts

7-8dpo- Some light breast striking , lower left and some right light cramping , tired need a nap around 2 and sometimes put of breath

9dpo- a couple hot flashes, cramping , a few twinges and GAS but honestly thats been since maybe 3dpo till today

10dpo Today !! - I woke up at 2am burping I'm still burping , light cramps, farting but mostly burping so tired but kinda fun burping lol

Can anyone please help me tell me if these are symptoms??

when I was pregnant with my Angel baby I had no symptoms aside from AF cramping so I thought . thank you