Raaannt!!!! Please read

I'm 22 years old and married we have 1 child who is 4 with autism and I'm currently pregnant with our second baby boy. We both live with my dad why??? Because when my mom passed he was living in a house and he couldn't afford it anymore. Found out to be he could afford it but he took my moms money from the insurance over 100,000 and bought a brand new car when the money was suppose to be split just found out btw. Anyways he begged us to come help him find an apartment and we can all pay the bills I said sure save us money. Well we did rent it 1125 and he only Pays 400!? And gets the master bedroom we got a small tight room and have to share with our 4 year old. Fast forward I had enough it's been a year and I found a new place and I'm leaving Wednesday! Me and my husband last night were having sex but it was 3 am and when he got up to go to the bathroom my dad standing in the hallway listening to us! No I don't make noise because I don't want my dad to hear us btw my son was at a family members when he leaves we try to have sex. But I didn't know my dad was listening the bed did squeak and I remind my husband all the time to slow it down. So today I got my son was in the living room watching tv and he's mad at me huffing and puffing telling my son to get out of his face he doesn't want to play he just wants to watch tv wtf I'm pregnant so I'm trying not to stress his bs my husband walked in our bedroom and I started yelling that I'm tired of him I blew up not because he's mad about last night but he's been taking our money for the water and spending it the landlord told me he hasn't paid the water! My dads been sending money to a stranger over the internet! And he's always yelling at my fucking son never plays with him he just lays on the couch all fucking day and we never get to go to the living room to watch tv. Guys I'm out on Wednesday never looking back I so want to cut him out of my life for good!!!!!!!