should I be mad?


okay. so. i’m grounded for a couple weeks and to cut a long story short i’m only allowed out of the house to go to college, and to come back, and the only person allowed to visit me is my boyfriend (this usually NEVER happens as i always go to his, as a result i know his parents very well but he doesn’t really know mine (this is relavent)). so, i’m currently skyping him as i type this, and i say (having explained the above to him this morning), “are you still coming over tomorrow?” bearing in mind we’ve been talking about meeting up on this teacher training day for ages, and i personally was really looking forward to it bc he’s my boyfriend and i love him obvs and want to see him 24/7. he knows this, so bearing that in mind

he replies to my question with.. the

“i think i’ll give it a miss”

so i’m kinda “?????? what why??” and his response is that (because im grounded/he doesn’t know my parents) he “feels like he shouldn’t” and that “he’s scared of my parents”. so now i’m like

so i say ‘oh no its fine they SAID it was FINE for you to come over’, but he keeps saying no so then i go silent on skype for a bit and huff and sigh (so he gets the general gist that im mad) so he says “whats wrong?” and i explain that im upset bc i was looking forward to seeing him and now he says he isnt coming?? and ALL HE SAYS is “oh right.”

so yeah, he totally bailed on me because hes ‘scared of my parents’ and i dont even get an apology.

am i right to be mad or should i let it go? we’ve been together three months and its always me making the effort to go round his?


i live in the uk 😂 so for me, i’m 17 and in college as opposed to us college 😂