boyfriend stood me up for homecoming.


it's our senior year, our last hc ever, and he stood me up. I cleared my whole schedule and decided to skip the last dance to go out to a nice dinner and a movie with him. he says he has everything planned out.

the day of the dance, I text him and call him all day. nothing. he responded twice with vague answers explaining why he wasn't responding: fixing his computer, playing his fucking computer. six o clock rolls around, I send him "we're not actually doing anything are we." "no we're not."

I had no dress, all my friends had gone out already and my mom kicked me out of the house to have her own party. I was stuck outside driving around crying for hours when I could have been dancing with my friends for the last time. he could have taken two minutes out of the day to tell me what was happening. I'm just so sad.. he doesn't seem to care at all and this is shaping up to be a horrible senior year.