TTC with CAH no symptoms and no medication


Hi all,

I wondered if anyone is also CAH and trying to conceive? I have both genes muted but only receding one is the one that gives symptoms. Luckily I never needed medication apart from tons of money spent in laser for hirsutisme.

My partner was tested and we were given the go ahead for TTC.

We have been trying for over three years now, and last November I got pregnant naturally but then had a silence miscarriage at 13 weeks. This was a devastating time for us, especially after the horrendous pain and trauma of the D&C.;

It's been also a year now and still nothing. Is anyone in the same position? Has anyone been medicated? Any treatment you may have tried? I just concerned about levels of stress, physically and mentally...affecting my body and the production of adrenaline and testosterone.

Anyway baby dust to all of you