Relationship advice?


Hey guys i need your advice. So my bf and i only been together for a little bit over a month. He lives an hour away and he usually comes down to see me once a week because are schedules dont really match. but when we see each other things are fine but for the rest of the week he won't text, call or anything maybe he'll send me a random snap throughout the week and thats pretty much it until i see him again the next week. And lately ive been feeling super inscure like he doesnt like me. Like i start to think shouldnt a bf at least text his gf through out the week. im not asking for an everyday convo but im just asking for at least every other day just to see how im doing. and whenever i wanna go up and see him or ask him if he can come down to see me he always tends to be "busy". like somethimes i think he's doesnt like me and just with me just because he

knows i like him. I feel like he knows that this is bugging me. I want to talk to him about it. like earlier today he came down and asked me if i wanted to go to the mall with him but i couldnt because i was out of town for the morning but i told him that im down to see him after hes done with the mall. but then he made up some excuse that he cpuldnt because his parents expect him home early (which i doubt). So then later today i sent him a text that i wanted to talk but he just left me on read.

So ladies what do you guys think?