Ease My Concerns


Hey all, I'm just looking for some support and opinions as to my situation. I'm 4 days late, and was sexually active for the first time about almost a month ago. My period usually rolls around early 20s of the month, and although it can fluctuate depending on stress right now I'm very worried. I haven't seen signs or anything, like increased discharge, and we were safe. We used condoms and my main concern is, in the heat of the moment, I asked him to take it off very briefly so I could feel what it was like without one. Lasted only a few seconds, as we didn't want him to even come close, so he didn't finish inside whatsoever. I'm still nervous though, regardless of resources stating precum doesn't contain sperm. I'd also like to note I was 3% fertile, very low, at the time and just everything leads to it being near impossible, but a 4 day late period concerns me. I'm 18 if it is any help, and I suppose I am mostly coming here for support and advice. Is it normal to be 4 days late? I'm freaking out a little, even though I somewhat doubt I'm pregnant.