Lying to get gender ultrasound sooner?


Ok don't judge me for this šŸ™ˆ I want to get a private scan to find out gender and all of the places in town do it starting at 15 weeks. The only problem is, I REALLY want to find out before thanksgiving. My husbands family is renting a few cabins so we'll be in really close quarters with his entire family (20-30 people) for the whole 4 day weekend. I don't want to have to deal with the speculation if I could just find out before we leave. The day before we leave I'll be 14 weeks on the dot. Do you think it'll make a huge difference and they won't be able to tell gender yet at 14 weeks? I'd lie and say I was 15 weeks but would they be able to tell I wasn't yet? I know dating scans are not that accurate past 12 weeks