What did I get myself into

So last week I went to a party with my boyfriend. thhere was drinking and smoking going on there. i only dranm a little so i knew sorta what I was doing most the night. he on the other hand didnt. well when we went to bed he and i started making out and i made it clear i didnt want anything to happen other than that (my clothes were staying on). and he was okay with that. he had drank a lot and smoked. well i got tired a decided to stop making out and go to sleep. but he kept going. now being drunk i just kinda stopped thinking and fell asleep. (assuming he would stop) next thing I know, i wake up and my entire bottom of my body is undressed and he is fingering me. i freaked out. but i dont know if this is molestation or not.... like what should I do in this situation.