Cute ways to tell hubby your pregnant?

This is abit of a vent too. I don't know if we've conceived just yet, but I want to find a cute way to tell him when we do. I had already thought up a cute idea, it was a t shirt that said "be nice to me my wife's pregnant" and I was going to give it to him as a late birthday present. But Amazon sent the confirmation email to his account and he found it. So now it wouldnt have the same effect. I played it off as if that wasn't the big reveal just a shirt I found. But I'm really bummed. And mad, not that it's anyone's fault. Just can't help but to be upset. :(
I don't think I'll ever have a cute idea like that again, it took me weeks just to think of that one! 
We already have one daughter so all though first time dad ideas don't work.
 Can anyone help me think of a cute idea? Please! I'm desperate lol