Anyone still waiting for the heartbeat? πŸ’—

Lindsay β€’ Wife of an amazing husband and mom of a gorgeous 3 year old girl, an angel baby watching over us, and a handsome 1 year old baby boy! Happily pregnant with #3!

Just a rant here ladies... anyone not hear the heartbeat yet? We FINALLY go to the doc this Friday. My practice only has you see the nurse to get blood work ordered at the first appointment and then doc won’t see you til 10+ weeks. We are 10 weeks tomorrow so I will be 10+3 when we finally get to hear the heartbeat! This is my third baby and we lost one between my first two so naturally I’m nervous. No bleeding and mild cramps stopped at like 7 weeks so I know I should try not to worry but easier said than done! Still plenty nauseous and crying at everything but just wanna hear that amazing sound!! I have a home Doppler but baby is still so tiny I know getting it without hospital grade equipment is extremely difficult. So I’m not even go my down that road... Hurry Friday!