Our amazing bodies! Before/During/After


Everyone always shows their post pregnancy bodies when they bounce back so fast... but let’s get real here! Not everyone bounces back! Some do!

EVERY body is different and unique

Embrace it!!

Here’s mine!

Before baby^^^^

When I got pregnant my doctor wanted me to gain 45 lbs. I FREAKED. I’ve always thought of myself as fat (really working at getting over that thought and working through body dismorphia and 2 years past bulimia (one regression). Well I did gain that 45 and did my doctor better and gained 50lbs at LEAST! I didn’t get weighed my a week before I had her. I almost cried every time I got weighed but I did my best to eat healthy and not worry about weight.

Here’s me at 34 weeks pregnant (yeah I still had 6 weeks to go 😱😰)

Now my little one is 5!!! When she was 4 I still hadn’t lost all my baby weight, it sucked but it was what it was. Now I found what works for me and thats awesome, and I’ve finally lost those last few lbs!

Shameless gym selfie 🤳

But here’s the kicker, my body is so different from pre baby. Everything from how my collar bones stick out, my breasts, my rib cage, my stomach, my legs... everything is different. Not all bad but different. Everyone is shown the transformation but no one really talks about how the skin is different.

Here’s what I mean

That’s not fat, it’s skin. (I do have fat but that’s skin, and it’s pretty normal)

It’s an adjustment and it’s hard.. Hell I’m still adjusting to all the changes and once i have another I’m sure there will be new changes... but here’s to our amazing bodies!!

Feel free to share your story too ladies!! Don’t be scared to embrace you at every stage (even the unfinished ones, I wish this was something I knew before hand)