Please advise!!

Amber • Mommy to 6! 3 healthy children and 3 in Heaven!

Soo I would take any advise please! I had 3 BFNs then took the top test and the line showed up within 3 min then I took the digital one this morning and a BFN. I'm really confused. I did have what I think was a chemical pregnancy last month because I got 3 positive tests then started spotting at approx 5 weeks. I hope the digital one is just wrong. I want to test again but I'm scared of another negative. Anyone else has this happen? UPDATE: So I had a few more light positives with alot of cramping and just didn't feel right. then i start with some brown discharge last night and full on bleeding this morning. so this is my 2nd month in a row with a chemical or early miscarriage. this one lasted a few days longer. I'm so depressed and discouraged. idk when to even think about trying again. prayers appreciated!