Why do people ignore baby safety?


I’ve been noticing a lot of different topics lately where it seems a lot of women are doing things that could potentially harm their child and I can’t help but wonder why. The ones I’ve seen most recently have been:

1. Car seats (whether it’s ok for a child to ever not be in one)

2. Winter coats/snow suits while in car seats.

3. Bumpers on cribs

Now I’m a ftm to be so I am not an expert, but I feel like I’ve done more than enough research on how to keep my baby safe while in all of their situations specifically.

I just can’t understand how other people don’t do the same or are ok not making sure their baby is as safe as possible.

So my question is, do you think people just don’t know better? Have they not looked at the information themselves? Or do they just think they know better because of how things “used” to be done?

More often than not, I see other women trying to explain why they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing, and are faced with backlash and people becoming very rude in return.