Was I in the wrong?

Mikayla • Vegan momma to baby Asher👶🏻💚

So long story short,

My boyfriend is in rehab, he desperately needed to go and he finally decided to on Thursday. He will be in there for 28 days and miss the birth of our baby which is due the day before he comes home (which is fine because he would be dead in a month if he didn't go to rehab)

Friday, the day after he went in to rehab I had a doctors appt and they told me I need to be induced a week early due to the babies stomach measuring small. I told my boyfriends mom and the first thing she said was 'well don't tell Nick, it will make him want to ditch rehab early' obviously I don't want that so i agreed. He called me for the first time yesterday and told me he was planning on ditching a day early to witness the birth of his first born and he had already made up his mind on that. I figured since he was so sure on leaving early I should tell him that the baby is coming sooner than expected. Plus, he has a right to know the doctor's concerns with his son. Now his mom is furious with me telling me to 'grow up' blah blah blah but I think its wrong to keep something like that from him. Was I wrong to tell him? Should I have kept it a secret?

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