Why Am I Feeling Depressed?

Hannah • Married (8/8/15) 30 yo mom of baby girl (5/6/18) & pregnant with #2 (EDD 9/25/19)

This is pregnancy #3 but my first baby 🤞🏻 as I’ve had a previous ectopic and a miscarriage at 7 weeks. I’m 12 weeks tomorrow, and I feel guilty for not being more excited about my rainbow baby. I’ve struggled with Depression in the past, but I’ve been quite well and have been off medication for the last few years. The last couple of weeks, I’ve started to notice that I’ve been slipping back into behaviors and ways of thinking that I had in the past. I tried to go out and buy a couple of baby items and some maternity clothes to try to get excited but they just make me sad. I’m afraid to announce my pregnancy or buy more baby stuff because I don’t want the reminders if something happens. Has anyone else dealt with this kind of thing? Any suggestions?