RANT* am i being mean?


my SIL had a hysterectomy almost a month ago. she claimed she couldn't change the bandage or anything by herself so everyday I would go and do it. its to the point now where i feel like she's milking it for attention. she's 38 larger but still more than capable to take care of herself.

I have been feeling terrible, I haven't slept from contractions and I keep telling her I'm not going to be able to help her much as I myself have 3 other lids and I'm extremely pregnant. she will blow up my phone 3/4 times and text multiple times for every little thing. today i was trying to take a nap and she kept calling me repeatedly because she wants me to help her wash her hair and put her support belt in the wash.

she is on light duty because a couple weeks ago her surgery site popped open a bit but she's healing really well. I just feel like she's talking advantage, mind you she isn't entirely all there she's a little lazy and maybe a bit slow. I just feel drained and the last thing i want to keep doing is taking care of a overgrown child BC she's being lazy. I snapped in her and told her there's no reason she can't do this by herself, and then proceeded to ask if she was going to wipe me and change my pad when this baby comes, on top of herself.

I'm just exhausted and she's really on my nerves!