AF & pregnancy

Erin • TTC. Rainbow 🌈 👶. 🤞🏻. 24. Married. 💍

Has anyone ever gotten AF but found out you were pregnant soon after ?! I had my AF the month of October. AF seemed pretty normal maybe a day or two shorter than normal. It’s been about almost two weeks since AF made her appearance, but I’m constantly tired and crampy. Today I haven’t felt good at all. But I’m also super horny LOL do I test or wait till the middle of November to see if I get my period 😫😫😫 I I know it’s not usually normal for this to happen but I really would like for other woman to tell me if they’ve had this experience before .

UPDATE: I’ve also noticed I’m overly emotional, I’ll read something happy and start crying or watch something and start crying . Which only happens when I’m getting or on my period. I’m around ovulation right now and I’m still super emotional and sensitive which is rare . I usually have a good sense about my body but I feel as though I’m second guessing everything . I am TTC but I don’t want to get my hopes up