13 DPO

Chelsae • Mommy of an Angel 04.24.2018 👼🏼 Rainbow due 09 - 2020 🌈 Kidney disease fighter 💚

13 DPO, AF due tomorrow, 10/31. I also made an appointment with my gynecologist tomorrow so I can either A, find out if I’ve conceived or B, find out what else I need to do since next cycle will be 6 months TTC. I’m 20 and my boyfriend is 25 so we didn’t think it would be so difficult, I have kidney disease so we think that could be playing a roll as to why we haven’t gotten pregnant yet. I was having come cramping between 7 DPO until 11 DPO, the cramping was in my right lower abdomen, felt like AF was coming on early but she hasn’t arrived. My breast are usually sore before AF but aren’t very bad this cycle, my right nipple is very very sore, even for my shirt to touch. Am also have a good amount of creamy CM, coming out in gushes which is also not normal for me. Hopefully it’s our month, we move into our own place in 2 weeks, and would love to announce a baby around the holidays. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Update: I just started bleeding, very lightly, assuming AF came early. I’m out this time. 😕