Slightly worried..


I will be 35 weeks on Wednesday and I've had an incredibly easy pregnancy thus far.


The past 3 days I've had an extremely bad headache mostly on the left side.

I feel nauseous and dizzy occasionally.

My heart beats unusually fast and skips beats.

I also get hot flashes at random times.

And I tire out super easily.

I know it's getting towards the end and so being tired and other symptoms are normal and expected. But should I contact my doctor? Are any of these/the combination of all of these worrisome? Some of these are symptoms of preeclampsia but I figured that would have happened earlier if I was at risk and I don't think I have any swelling.

Also: I'm not dehydrated because I drink 3+ 40oz water bottles a day so a total of more than 120oz throughout a day. And I'm still always thirsty!