Pregnancy doubts

I think I made a huge mistake 😥 maybe it's just my hormones but I'm so scared. Me and my man have been so happy for a few years now... I feel like when I fell inlove with him all I could think about was having his child... It's over took me. I cannot explain the feeling I had. It made it worse when he would rub my tummy and say he wanted a baby and when we made love every time he would say he wants my child. The spirit connection isn't explainable... I THOUGHT we were on the same page... Until I got the PFP. Then he said he wanted me to get an abortion!!!! 😟😟 I can't understand this... He said he isn't ready and we need to think about our future... He told me it's just a "chromosome" and we need to take care if the "problem." I don't even believe in abortion and I told him that.... Why would you tell me you want my child and then just flip and change EVERYTHING? This is devastating... I told him if he dosent want this child I will keep it. But I'm also scared. I know I did this to myself but I want my child to have the best life and opportunities.... I'm seriously considering adoption... That's a scary path but I know that abortion isn't an option for me... Sorry I'm just confused and alone. I am 24 almost 25 and I feel like I am just so immature for jumping into this before we were honestly ready..