I want to leave my SO

We've been friends for about 8 years dated for 4months and married for 7months. All of our friendship we always had a "chemistry" but Truth is I think we just wanted to be together so badly that when it finally happened we rushed into it. I love him, but only as a friend. Actually, I don't think I love him at all. He's done wrong and because of that I stopped caring. He has everything EXCEPT the electric and furniture in his name and without my income I know he can't afford it. We're both kinda lingering on with this thing knowing its going to end. I want to move back to Ga (I left because he's military), but I don't want to leave him in debt. However I will have to find an apartment and pay my own bills..I can't afford both...I'm just lost. I'm only 21and I don't want to rush my life anymore.