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I went to a chiropractor today for the first time ever due to back pain that showed up when I found out I was pregnant (9/25/17) and didn’t leave even after MC (10/16/17). Well I put on my paperwork that I had a recent mc and the doctor came in and was telling me you “probably” have MTHFR and it can cause MC and stillbirths and she was very adamant that I get tested before ttc again. Now I’m scared. I’ve never heard of this before, my doctor didn’t say anything about this and said they don’t test until you’ve had 3 mc’s. I did some research and it does look pretty common but Have any of you had experience with this? Would it be worth asking my doctor to do a test? Any info would be helpful. All my dr said after the MC was that my numbers were back normal, I could start trying again, take 1 low dose aspirin daily (to prevent blood clots?) , and call once I got another Positive HPT.