He surprised me


So lately my husband and I has been having lots of problems, emotionally, financially. After having our second baby September 3rd and we already have a 14 month old it’s tough. It’s tough staying in touch. There’s been so many days where we were just going to part our own ways, but something always stopped us. Mainly just thinking about our kids growing up like we did. Separated parents. He got a great job offer today and of course he took it! It already feels like so much weight has been taken off my shoulders. The other day I finally just turned my attention to the Lord, and he’s been showing me so many signs. Today he answered my prayer. My husband went to the store today and he told me to go get something out of the car as I closed the front door I seen flowers sitting there and had a card on the inside. It felt nice to feel wanted and appreciated. Just always remember to never take your SO for granted, it’s so easy to lose sight of each other. And for all the mommies without any help, keep doing your thing!