test or not again


so I have been feeling sick for the last 2 weeks now and on the 29th I went to the bath room one morni g and saw a spot of blood so I'm like dam he she comes I marked it on the glow calender but check this out I have been nauseated and sleepy almost everyday throughout the whole day certain things just don't sit right with me even when I don't eat or nauseate it when I eat I feel really sick afterwards I took a test and it can back negative so of course I was a bit upset and down but still to this day I am feeling sick I also have been spotting like every other day but there is no period so I looked it up on line in different ways and all the signs come back to pregnancy but here is the catch I have pcos so my period is never on point I called my doctor and she told me to take a test because it sounds like implantation bleeding I said hey I already took a test she said it May have been too soon to retest in a few days but I don't want to keep letting myself down or getting upset but I do have my fingers crossed