Venting about Drs :(

For about a month now I've been going through some medical things, and I'm at my wits end. My arms go numb randomly, I get little pressure point type feelings that move around my body. I get feelings in my legs that aren't quite numbness but that's the only word I can use to describe it although I know it isn't right. I also get /feel popping in the back of my head sometimes. Just lots of stuff that's going on that is not normal. On top of that I've had some severe anxiety attacks because of the stress it's putting on me of not knowing what's wrong and every single doctor I see is not in any hurry to find out what's wrong and they treat me like it's all in my head an no big deal at all. Mostly o think because I'm 21 and I smoke marijuana. They tell me it's because of that. Or my work. Or anxiety, but yet I've never had any of this ever in m life until 3 weeks ago. It scares me so badly because I'm afraid they won't actually take me seriously ever until it's too late and they find out something really wrong. :( anyone have any advice/calming words? If not then please don't even bother commenting